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Take your time. Money comes back, your youth won’t. Day 308: Magnus, 22, student and young entrepreneur from germany (via 29years365days)
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I gave you my heart,
and you wanted nothing
to do with it until
you felt threatened
that there would be
someone else willing
to take it for themselves.

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My body is tired
of the treatment
that I’ve been putting
it through. It never
asked for this sort
of rejection, this sort
of resentment.
All my body has done
was try to help me,
try to make me understand
that there are better ways
of releasing your stress,
and feeling at ease
in its skin. My body
deserves more than this.
And I cannot believe
that my mind
tells me otherwise.

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If we made love, I swear that somewhere in the night sky, the stars would explode from witnessing an overload of passion. Small conversations, #31 (via mostlyfiction)
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The one you want
is always the one
who hands their heart
out to someone
who will drop it
without the slightest
hint of remorse.
But I am cautious.
I am different
because I have seen
your body in the light
when you thought
that no one was looking.

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I no longer care for him,
or crave for his attention.
His eyes set upon my body
no longer make my knees
feel weak with worry
that he is able to see
something that I never will
be able to fix. I no longer
imagine his hands against mine.
I am better without
the thought of his love
making its way across my skin.

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Teleport to me

Only, you would not be you, but more
A replica

Atom by atom
You would be ended there
And rekindled here, reborn

On second thought, I’ll come to you

benedictsmith (via benedictsmith)
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Then love is sin, and let me sinful be. John Donne (via staubkinder)
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